‘He is my best friend in the world – it’s not a job’ says Dave Moore as he hits the road with best pal Dermot Whelan

They’re Today FM’s answer to Ant and Dec – and like the ITV duo, Dermot and Dave certainly always have each other’s back.

With the pair on air every day from 9am to noon, their audience is familiar with the humorous hosts, even confiding in them when they have a personal problem.

Speaking to the Herald, Dave Moore said he and co-host Dermot Whelan had always had such a good relationship with each other that even if they are having a bad day they always boost each other’s spirits.

“The connection with the audience is the main thing for us – they can come to us with anything,” he said.

“Our job is to be entertaining, to have fun, no matter how we are feeling.

“And in the 17 years I’ve worked with Dermot I can’t think of a day I wasn’t already in a better mood when I got into the studio with him.

“He is my best friend in the world – it’s not a job. We pick each other up and pick up the slack if one or the other of us is struggling.

“We’ve never had an argument – there are plenty of duos who hate each other but we get on.”

The pair are hitting the road for a nationwide tour of Dermot And Dave Live this week, kicking off with a show in Vicar Street on Friday.

They aren’t feeling the nerves though about coming face to face with their listeners, with last year’s tour a positive experience.

“We are very lucky. Most people are fans of the show and are excited to see you coming to their neck of the woods,” said Dave (44).


“Traditionally we are in that Dublin media bubble so when you rock up to Castlebar or somewhere, people are really friendly.

“We were in Clonmel, I think it was on the last tour, and we were doing reviews of local chippers at the time.

“So we were walking down to the chipper, and the hotel was only about 10 minutes away from it.

“It was close to show time so people spotted us, rolled down their windows and asked us if we needed a lift.”

As for the advent of podcasting, Dave sees it as a positive, as another way to attract listeners, rather than a competitor to traditional radio.

“You saw it with music when streaming began, musicians weren’t sure but now it is just another way of getting an audience. Sometimes people want to listen to your show on FM, sometimes they’ll go to the app later,” he said.

“What we are trying to do in Today FM is accept people consume in different ways and just make what we do as exciting as possible. We don’t see it as an external threat but an opportunity. If we didn’t, it wouldn’t be long before we were shutting the doors.”

With music a big part of their show, their Homegrown Hero feature celebrating Irish talent, it’s no surprise either they have an idea who will be the next big thing on the Irish music scene.

“John Gibbons is doing phenomenally well, and there is a new girl Lyra from Cork – we had her on a few weeks ago and she is incredible,” said Dave.

“You have John Grey and of course it wasn’t long since Dermot Kennedy was a homegrown hero and now he has been on The Ellen Show in the US.

“There’s the success of Picture This – these are guys who would be doing what they do with success or not.

“Wild Youth also just sent us in a song about eighteen months ago and then they were the most listened to act on radio.”

Tickets for Friday’s show are on sale via Ticketmaster, priced from €31.24.



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